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Germany, Frankfurt am Main – It is coming the 20th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies


From 20 to 24 February 2018, the METAV 2018 will be held in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Halls. The registration documents have just been dispatched. The 20th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies will be continuing the successful concept adopted for the preceding event. The thematic expansion to incorporate specific areas for quality, additive manufacturing, moulding and medical was acclaimed by exhibitors and visitors alike.


(credit: photo by Messe Duesseldorf]

(photo by Messe Duesseldorf]

Quality, Additive manufacturing, Moulding and Medical with the classical keynotes

“At the METAV 2016, we introduced four new areas to extend our coverage on the entire value added chain themed around production technology. The area concept was extremely well received. Our exhibitor survey revealed that directly following the conclusion of the 2016 fair nine out of ten exhibitors were intending to participate in the METAV 2018 as well. So for the METAV 2018 we shall be providing a significantly larger area,” says Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, the VDW’s Executive Director, who’s highly gratified by the concept’s success. Besides the areas for quality, additive manufacturing, moulding and medical, the classical keynotes are still comprehensively represented: machine tools, manufacturing systems, high-precision tools, automated material flow, computer technology, industrial electronics and accessories.


Dedicated theme park to the topic of Industry 4.0

The fair will also be spotlighting the topic of Industry 4.0 with a dedicated theme park. “Under the aegis of the METAV 2018, we shall once again be devoting a separate keynote focus to the digital transformation,” is how Dr. Schäfer describes the concept for the fair. “In the case of Industry 4.0, the sense of optimism is almost tangible. But in view of the digital transformation, many mid-tier companies are also still looking for new solutional approaches. The METAV 2018 will be offering important food for thought here.” And the congresses and specialist forums planned to coincide with the fair, featuring examples of best practice, will also provide fresh impetus for state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions.


Advertising campaign and registration for Metav 2018

To coincide with the registration phase, an extensive advertising campaign will be launched for the METAV 2018. Online registration will be possible as from mid-April under www.metav.de .
The registration deadline for exhibitors is 31 August 2017.


Info about Metav 2018:

The METAV 2018 – the 20th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies – will be held in Düsseldorf from 20 to 24 February. It will be showcasing the entire spectrum of production technology. The principal focuses are machine tools, production systems, high-precision tools, automated material flows, computer technology, industrial electronics, and accessories, complemented by the new themes of Moulding, Medical, Additive Manufacturing and Quality, which are now permanently anchored in what are called “areas” with their own nomenclature in the METAV’s exhibition programme. The METAV’s target group for visitors includes all branches of industry that work metal, particularly machinery and plant manufacturers, the automotive industry and its component suppliers, aerospace, the electrical engineering industry, energy and medical technologies, tool and mould-making, plus metalworking and the craft sector.

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