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At this year‘s EMO in September Licon, machine manufacturer with headquarter in Laupheim, will present in Hannover i³-technology for the correction of working spindles, its latest product innovations and demonstrate a wide range of configuration options for each particular application.

i³-technology for the correction of working spindles

Main focus will be the i³-technology, which allows the correction of working spindles independent from each other.

Furthermore, Licon customers can use the new specifically developed LAVA analysis software for comprehensive machine diagnostics and preventive maintenance. An initial foretaste has been given at the EMO preview event on June 21.

Three loading options.

Three loading options.

Three different loading options

Based on the machine concept LIFLEX II 444 Licon has developed 3 platforms with a maximum spindle distance up to 1,050 mm including different spindle distances and a broad variety of configuration possibilities for automotive and non-automotive applications.

Most significant for the machining centers is the free choice between three different loading options like direct load, double trunnion and pallet changer.

Short changeover time

Loading while machining is possible with short changeover time.

Machining includes workpieces with complex geometry as well as workpieces for heavy duty machining.

For each particular application the optimum solution can be selected from the variety of concepts.

The working envelopes from 400 to1,050 mm.

The working envelopes from 400 to 1,050 mm.

i³-technology: independency in all 3 axes for more flexibility in manufacturing

Flexibility in manufacturing and savings on space are key decision parameters for twin spindle machining centers in general.

While very often both spindles for twin spindle machining centers are not adjustable, Licon provides even for the basic configuration independency in Z-axis.

Furthermore, the innovative i³-technology delivers independency in all 3 linear axes.

Increased the manufacturing output

A practical case of application shows: in order to increase the manufacturing output of housings for passenger car steering systems a concept was realized to allow machining of two workpieces per spindle simultaneously.

Main advantage for the 2-piece clamping is the corresponding machining of two workpieces with one tool change.

So the non-productive time is splitted on two workpieces, which results in 15-20% increase in output.

Housing machined in one clamping

In addition the housings are machined – due to quality reasons – in most cases completely in one clamping and thus with five axes.

Workpieces have features that are on opposite sides and have to be machined, therefore the A- and B-axes have to be able to rotate 180 degrees.

The working envelopes can be from 400 to 1,050 mm.

The working envelopes can be from 400 to 1,050 mm.

The temperature fluctuations

Influences by temperature fluctuations e.g. of the coolant can lead to displacement of the spindle distances.

Thermal shifts of 20 micrometers or smaller could lead to quality issues in case of tight component tolerances.

Individual adjustment of linear axes

Mathematical algorithms can compensate the machining centers automatically by the possibility of individual adjustment of all linear axes.

Therefore, operators in a 3-shift operation environment don’t need to intervene in the process in order to correct e.g. a temperature test.

This is in particular one of the reasons Licon customers decide to use i³-technology.

LAVA: Digital status analysis for maximum manufacturing output

Licon is able to capture the machine status by appropriate sensor systems worldwide.

LAVA (which means „Licon Added Value Analysis“) allows to read out and evaluate typical condition descriptions on force, vibration and temperature in order to prevent downtime.

Actions related to preventive maintenance

Daily reports with details are delivered to customers so they can set up actions related to preventive maintenance, optimisation of manufacturing processes as well as maximization of workpiece output.

Licon offers those customers, who don’t have a LAVA interface, an upgrade.

Optimized process for increasing output

The example of an automotive customer shows how the evaluation of data can give the opportunity to optimize processes and to increase the output within a very short period by 10 percent.

It started with analysis and the customer got insight into high fluctuations in output, especially during the nightshift.

Through clear identification of all missing times technical as well as organizational impacts could be found and optimized.

Reduced tool costs

Minimum quantity lubrication still relevant for cost optimization
It is common knowledge today that minimum lubrication can help to reduce tool costs.

Basically LiFLEX machining centers are designed for MQL, which considers different aspects, especially optimized chip removal.

Potential in saving

The figures speak for themselves: savings potential up to 20% for power, 40% for tools and 5% for investment.

Recent experiences of the customers prove, that competitive edges have been recognized and therefore this technology will gain in importance.

For more than 15 years Licon builds production lines with MQL, the share of all machining centers lies at 50% – with rising tendency.

Info about Licon:

Licon is a recognized provider of production lines for processing of complex components.

The customers are well-known automotive manufacturers and sub-suppliers in Europe, America and Asia as well as a growing number of companies from other industries.

In addition to machine product development of all components which drive performance the expertise extends to their system integration and software development.

With headquarters and more than 200 employees in Laupheim, Germany, Licon has subsidiaries in Michigan, USA, and Beijing, China.

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