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Italy, Parma – The company’s Marketing Manager described R+W’s participation in this event.


Marco Benvenuti, the R+W's Marketing Manager for Italy.

Marco Benvenuti, the R+W’s Marketing Manager for Italy.

The seventh edition of SPS IPC Drives Italia, the local equivalent of the Nuremberg trade show by the same name, just took place in Parma, confirming its role as the leading event in the industrial automation sector in Italy. 738 exhibitors (16% more than in 2016) and more than 33,000 visitors, 15% more than last year, are the new record to beat for this show, a consolidated reference point for companies manufacturing or using automation solutions.

Even this year R+W Italia, the Italian branch of the German multinational company R+W GmbH, leader in the production of precision couplings for mechanical automation, line shafts and precision torque limiters, was of course present. Marco Benvenuti, the company’s Marketing Manager, described his impression regarding R+W’s participation in this event.


What was this edition like, in terms of number of visitors, both well-known and newcomers?

We can consider ourselves definitely pleased with the number of visitors, since we improved upon an already remarkable 2016 with a 50% increase. Technicians and sales representatives met the best part of our clients, as well as a remarkable number of new contacts, or of clients who did know R+W but discovered solutions they had not considered yet. And of course we are very happy with the considerable amount of students, journalists and persons who are curious to find out more about technology: their interest in our production provides us wth great satisfaction.

Which innovations aroused greatest interest on the visitors’ part?

This year, visitors were able to witness the constant interest of R+W for technological innovation. Besides the new SP3 and SP6 applications for high dynamics, even the new introductions of solutions for heavy-duty industrial uses were very much appreciated.
Apart from products, the increasingly complete range of “4.0 services” also aroused interest: these free online solutions accompany designers in every phase of their work when using couplings. The software enabling the choice of the correct coupling, the new APP to view the couplings in full detail form every perspective , a program to generate 2D and 3D renderings of the couplings, are all services to make designers’ work easier which are very much appreciated. The technical and sales service, which has always been a feather in R+W’s cap, is now accompanied by digital solutions such as online tracking, to locate precisely the couplings from the order to delivery, or the chatline for visitors of the corporate website, which allows users to obtain information readily from a competent and helpful source in order to facilitate their work.

Your company is well-known for its ability and readiness to create tailor-made solutions even for complex requirements. Have any visitors requested this competence?

Newcomers were pleased to discover that , alongside the wide range of products in our catalogues, we can also provide tailor-made solutions, but during the show we also met many clients who have been able to appreciate our flexibility in this respect. These companies know that they can always rely on us for whatever solution they need.

Does this edition’s success allow us to envisage your presence even at the eighth appointment with SPS in 2018?

The organizer’s enthusiasm definitely encourages us to take part: the larger exhibition area and the layout with two entrances this year allowed the flow of visitors to be better distributed during the trade show days. The very interesting special projects, from the info-point for the Government’s plans regarding Industry 4.0 to the area dedicated to System Integrators, attracted the record number of visitors, many of whom we saw at our stand. We will therefore not miss the 2018 edition.

As well as the info-point, even congresses, theme areas and APPs presented at SPS recalled the theme pf Industry 4.0. Where do you stand with respect to this important evolution?

The concept of Industry 4.0 was born in Germany; as the branch of a German company we cannot but dedicate great attention to it! On the Italian territory we distribute and sell products and provide technical and sales consulting, so we are not strictly speaking an industrial concern, but we are well aware of the increasingly complex requirements of the industries where our clients operate: for this reason we offer solutions with design peculiarities which make them ideal for companies pursuing the objectives of Industry 4.0. From weight reduction (with unaltered performances) to the almost complete lack of maintenance requirements, to the practically unlimited life span of our components, these can be perfectly integrated in complex systems. At the same time they are surprisingly simple with respect to the situations which they help to manage, and for this reason they do not interfere in the communication processes between machines, in self-diagnosis or in the predictive maintenance processes which characterize the most evolved companies, aiming to become smart factories. Besides providing “4.0 services”, we also create products which are definitely “4.0 ready”: this holds valid both for products on our catalogues and even more so for custom solutions. For this reason we are at ease during events centred on these innovative aspects and we can respond to the demands of companies having Industry 4.0 as their reference model.

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